Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Why should I blog while learning?

(Source: http://kidslearntoblog.com/)
I am trying to answer this question that Learning Program Designers ask me, when I propose that we can include blogging as an activity for learners in their program design: 'Why should we invest time in convincing a learner to blog?'.

So, why should I blog while I learn?
  1. To collect my thoughts and get a better clarity on what I've learnt
  1. To voice out the unanswered questions lingering in my mind
  1. To share what I've learnt, with fellow learners and peers
  1. To have an opportunity to validate understanding  - when peers comments on the post.

But, most importantly, 
By blogging I get to record and thereby not forget what I think at the moment  - triggered by various stuff I read, listen, see, and discuss.

I can come back to it after a year, and recollect my learning, and how the learning has shaped my thoughts. So, I should blog for my own benefit - in the beginning, when I have no readers yet. 

Then, someone might actually stumble upon that recorded journey, and might connect with me, sharing their thoughts - for or against mine. They might even point me to some related resources, that might go on to immensely enrich me.

And, when I revisit this post after a year, I may argue with myself - and end up posting a better one on Why I should blog while learning.